Life Given Light

October 20, 2016

We sense it
In our hollow bone’s calling

Midnight’s sky
Some beautiful sight…
And these meteors
They simply make it more
But it also must be shared,
What we, all, ready, really know:
This spectacle we’ve come to enjoy so
-These streaks of green light fancy-

How it takes a
Steady heaven stone’s


Before we see.

Mount Para…

October 19, 2016


Take highest heed;

Does there exist

A humble pursuit


To all else? ’tis this:

God Known

And Him

By choice’s changed fingertips,

By preference’s parried tongue,

By trust’s tuned ears

By love’s lifted eye,


The One.

Gaping at an age

Full of gatsbiesse

Clumsily acquiring…

Pseudonyms like bandages

For acquaintances as injured

By webbéd accidents

Long ago,

Like Yesterday.
This side of sunrise
But still
Across the bay.

Gnarled In Stone…

October 12, 2016

i seized a woven moment
And on its loose thread pulled,
Resulting in a gnarled mess.
Time cannot be annulled.
What’s done is done
What’s been has been
But what, what-what…will be?
The Weaver is a Wise One,
And you and I? we’ll see.

Comet’s rubble’s dance is dark

In the deeps of space and ken

Bygone second chances come,

Yet, around again. 

Life’s sphere’s orbit’s faithful

Round Giver of all light

Past moments blazing one by one,

Flitting through pitched night.

Mind’s eye’s vigil’s restless, now,

While regret’s night whispers sail

Cold flint of earth’s first heaven met

His awl piercing dawn’s veil.


October 8, 2016

A shifting pair o’ dimes…

Your struggle there, it rhymes

With mine- with mine? With me!

So, was that it- a sign

That we

Two contiguous lines

Were, a couplet, meant to be?

Or simply a new way to see…

Poetic tragedy? 
Running always 

Parallel in time,

We sustained what felt like

A cosmic crime.


By the Divine

-And for what?

To live out a lingering mystery



One more- one more… something! 

True about Thee?
Have mercy?!

Caught In The Drossfire…

September 28, 2016

Don’t you even want to say your sorries?

Can’t you even feel

What once you knew?

Those truths that sliced your mind with honed emotions

And drained the drops 

From guilt’s reservoir of blue.

I know it still

I know it;


This echoes Deeper than my will. 

I’ll say it so maybe one day I can mean it

I’ll do it because one day I may yet dream it

That it could’ve been done in reverse-

You know?

See, I’m stumbling into worse-

Oh ho!

-But out again?

There’s new work to be done tomorrow


-and so

and so…


What then?

Labor void of muscle

My atrophy feigns peace.

There’s a lie in all of this somewhere

Surrounding elbow grease.

But enough with all the beating

Around this burning bush

God, I mean it,




And I need Your help to