I’m Michael, =) Sometimes known as “Sir Michael” also known as “My Giant Good Man” or “My Good Man”… most times I just go by, plain old, “Michael” which I don’t mind one bit. Oh… Very rarely -but it happens- am I called “Mikey”…

I know that it is “God who works in me both to will, and to do of His good pleasure.”

I wish, and pray, that people would smile, both more and for the right reason… because they are loved… by none other than Omnipotent, Benevolent, Gracious, Loving, God.

I try my best to love God, with my whole life…

God made you too, and He made you beautiful, though no one’s perfect…

So, I try to love everyone for who God has made them, and is making them…

I try to emulate the “wise man” talked of in Proverbs… and throughout the Bible…

I know, (but how often it seems I forget) that my life, and every good thing in it, is from God, and I should try to live accordingly, in gratitude and love.

I like Music, Bible studies, relevant living, philosophy, books, kids =), smiles, sincere people…

I could quote just about any Veggie Tales movie you could think of.

-along with a myriad of other various movies…

I’m a middle child… But I’m not alone… My “middle” status is shared with a crazy thing, whom I love, called a younger brother… Besides my brother, without which I would have gone further down the road to insanity than I currently can boast, I have four sisters… two older, two younger… my brother and I, metaphorically, hold down the masculine fort in the middle.

(NOTE: It’s now 2014, and my brother’s married… so I’ve got an extra sister, now… right in-between my two youngers. ;) )

I Work at an Eye doctor’s office as an *ahem* receptionist. (A job for which I thank God often, for it’s convenience and the opportunities it provides for me to live relevantly for Him.) aaaaand… I take classes at a community college off… and on. (mostly as an excuse to witness to people, but I am working toward a degree in Engineering.)

I wish I took more of the opportunities God gives me to “loudly” live for Him, whether at work or anywhere…

I know it’d be so much fun.

I love to go on mission trips to spread the love of Jesus…

I “own” a Condo… it’s quirky, and I love it… God blessed me with it cheap, well, cheap payments, at least… (side-note: I hate debt… -but I have a mortgage… and a savings account.)
(Note: it’s now 2014… and I’ve sold my condo… ;) No more mortgage! ;) Thanks to the help of some friends who really love Jesus and who consequently, love me too. ;) They helped me fix her up to sell, and prior to that, also helped me save money on interest, by GIVING me money to pay down the principal!)

I don’t know specifically what I’ll end up doing with my life, but I know God wants me to live each day for Him, to the hilt, seeking and doing His will…

and not, “Worry about tomorrow” because He knows what I need, and has the strength to provide it, and to chasten me to consent to it. “Sufficient for the day are its own troubles.”

Trust…. God.

I’m an admittedly flawed guy, who tries to love God, and would encourage you to attempt the same, and only by God’s grace… without which we are guilty sinners, destined for hell, but with which we have hope. Praise. God.   “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved…”

May our eyes be open to all God has to show us, teach us, and enjoy.

Keep Smyling, ya’ll! =)

Me... Laughing


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  1. I love your blog Michael. It’s very inspiring :)

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