Things these days are
Stringing together,
Stringing me up
Where’s the Water
With me
The half-full, empty cup

Broken hearts,
Bleed apathy
Out across
The dusty desert
A figure’s fallen- Me.

Who’s been doing the
Drinking around here?
The barren
Space inside
Feels alot like fear

Or something much more
Yes… something much more
All this open space-
From hate?
More possibly past





Be -The Complement.

May 15, 2012

Wonder now: at the wonder we’ve lost;
How silence its self makes a necessary sound;
How Sicily’s summers never shine on Siberia;
Though the seasons turn, and turn around.

In the midst of a heady,
Melancholy discontent,

Consider this: His perfect plan,
And strive to


The complement.

There’s a duty in destiny.
The part we play when we can’t see.
Character, integrity.
“Follow Me.”

Transcendent Yield…

November 21, 2011

All the words -or lack, there- of
the dirt below the clouds


The scale -perspective, shrouds
-The way we perceive sight
God made dirt, sometimes to hurt,
Dark clouds to hide the light.

God made dirt, sometimes to sow,
And clouds to sometimes rain.
God made grief, for hope to grow,
And for love, this thing called pain.

hold me here…

November 2, 2011

But the end from the
sounds a little
too long.
Could you just tell me
when we’ll be winning?
-or sing me a lullaby’s song?

Cuz I “can’t” take
much more of this.
I may just
up and die
If this
inside of me,
by and by-
good bye.

Then all I have become,
may burst,
and blow away…
I’m telling you,
I need this, God… why
hold me here… I pray…

God, You know
What I need.
Y’know what
You’re do-ing.
God, help me
to humbly

That I’m not in charge here,
You deserve my trust,
I should sacrifice
everything I am
God, please
Transform me,
re-new my mind,
Your good
and pleasing
-perfect will, to find

Mobster Monopoly… =)P

November 10, 2009


My sister’s invention…


We played it tonight.

Good times. =)

The game was nearly over…

I tried to blackmail my friend Josh, for a billion dollars…

The downside?





If I lost the shoot-out… I had to pay the billion.

I was broke, so…

Might as well try, ‘eh?

He landed on the ONE property I didn’t have mortgaged…

and I was gonna extort him for all he was worth! (More than, in fact.)

It came down to the dice… his roll versus mine!

For a BILLION dollars… (The game, basically.)

All… or nothing…

I rolled a 3 he rolled a 5…


But, it was



fun! =)

Me... LaughingThank You Jesus for good friends…

Now I’ve gotta sleep… I’m picking my friend Isaac up, to head to the clinic tomorrow…

=(  I don’t really like going down there… but…

Babies’re dying, and I can’t help but care…

Rrrgghhhh… it’s so frustrating, and sad, and horrible… and… and… why-able!

Abortion is murder…

and it breaks my heart. (“Why Mommy?”)

Those baby’s need a voice…

And those parents need God’s love!

I go that God, through me, might give both.


I had a dream my friends from South Africa came home…

Then I woke up…




My cats are really annoying me right now… =(

I prayed this morning that God would give me the strength to practice my patience with them… and… well, let’s just say… He’s given me plenty of opportunities to practice…

Sleep well, ya’ll…

Wake ready!


-MAC <>< =)


Dear God,

“Defend the poor and fatherless;
Do justice to the afflicted and needy.
Deliver the poor and needy;
Free them from the hand of the wicked.” -Psalm 82:3-4

Teach me, Oh Lord, the way of Your statutes, and I will keep it to the end.” -Psalm 119:33