Awakened at its Beauty…

November 24, 2013

Watching that single,
Solitary wave,
He drifts
Away in wonder
At what butterfly must
Have flapped her wings,
In some land oceans asunder

To have brought it here,
God’s Truth, quite clear,
With sleep so near,

To be awakened at its beauty
To be reminded by the roar
To hear the call of- what-
To remember:


Things these days are
Stringing together,
Stringing me up
Where’s the Water
With me
The half-full, empty cup

Broken hearts,
Bleed apathy
Out across
The dusty desert
A figure’s fallen- Me.

Who’s been doing the
Drinking around here?
The barren
Space inside
Feels alot like fear

Or something much more
Yes… something much more
All this open space-
From hate?
More possibly past




Those days of relevant diversity are gone… words, trip over themselves… thoughts are all look-alikes… and pointlessness prevails… I’ve never really cared for the flavor of self-esteem anyway… Thanks, self. Goodnight, world. -Some of Michael’s Thoughts

“So when you run make sure you run
To something and not away from.” -Avett Brothers, The Weight of Lies


I just had a rather long day…

-got stalked by a random dude with a belt buckle…

-helped sell baked goods at a church.

-took a nap in my parents’ van. (’twas warm. =D )

-had lunch with my sister! =D at some wonderful people’s house, and saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. =)

-made the whole car turn around on our mini-road trip… to retrieve a much needed key, and a slightly less necessary, bright orange hat.

-shot a super old shotgun, my dad gave me, from my grandpa(<who got it from his dad, maybe?)

-laughed about operator-error and hand-launched clay pigeons.

-rode a jeep unconventionaly.

-just missed getting to watch a calf get born.

-had fried egg sandwiches for dinner…  and wonderful wonderful water.

-watched the Blindside, and Shooter.

-talked about random stuff in the dark, with some rather joyful friends.

-rode an hour home… silence, intertwined with speech… simple, serene… sweet.

-had a skirmish with my parents’ cat.

-listened to the Avett Brothers

-blogged about my day.


Goodnight, fellow creations of our Awesome God.

Keep Praying, trusting, smyling…

-MAC <>< = )

Crashing Down…

February 7, 2010

When this beautiful world
Comes crashing down.

And then you found,
That you couldn’t live without
The poison,
You couldn’t swallow life without drinking
Very Death.

You got out on the water,
Then started looking around.

You liked it better,
You said,
When your feet
Were on that soggy ground,

And your lungs were filled with water!
And your friends
Looked on with grief!

You liked what you had
Sworn to hate!
Plagued now -always-
With bitter unbelief.

“What a downer,
“Lift me up!”
Renew this once-soft heart.
Rebuild this
Ruined temple!
Show me where to start.”