Those days of relevant diversity are gone… words, trip over themselves… thoughts are all look-alikes… and pointlessness prevails… I’ve never really cared for the flavor of self-esteem anyway… Thanks, self. Goodnight, world. -Some of Michael’s Thoughts

“So when you run make sure you run
To something and not away from.” -Avett Brothers, The Weight of Lies


I just had a rather long day…

-got stalked by a random dude with a belt buckle…

-helped sell baked goods at a church.

-took a nap in my parents’ van. (’twas warm. =D )

-had lunch with my sister! =D at some wonderful people’s house, and saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. =)

-made the whole car turn around on our mini-road trip… to retrieve a much needed key, and a slightly less necessary, bright orange hat.

-shot a super old shotgun, my dad gave me, from my grandpa(<who got it from his dad, maybe?)

-laughed about operator-error and hand-launched clay pigeons.

-rode a jeep unconventionaly.

-just missed getting to watch a calf get born.

-had fried egg sandwiches for dinner…  and wonderful wonderful water.

-watched the Blindside, and Shooter.

-talked about random stuff in the dark, with some rather joyful friends.

-rode an hour home… silence, intertwined with speech… simple, serene… sweet.

-had a skirmish with my parents’ cat.

-listened to the Avett Brothers

-blogged about my day.


Goodnight, fellow creations of our Awesome God.

Keep Praying, trusting, smyling…

-MAC <>< = )