Escape Goodbyes…

September 16, 2013

My Epil-o-gues



The things
You said
You did

By me.

Like building branded bridges
Just to burn
The blood-bought skill of meaning-

Can’t un-earn


And what won’t happen next?
A bullet through the chest?
An egg fallen from this nest?

Remorse inside.

A likely story, but none of it’s true?
A suspect futile fiction through and through.
All written well and uncommonly told,
To grab familiar doubts and turn us old.

You’ve got the world held, upside-down
And spilled the milk on your night-gown
The shadow found the furtive shape,
And thus you took- and ate- the grape

From the vine of the
Homely knowledge
Of pleasure and of pain

And wept at life
Imagined: hopeful;
In vein.


Be -The Complement.

May 15, 2012

Wonder now: at the wonder we’ve lost;
How silence its self makes a necessary sound;
How Sicily’s summers never shine on Siberia;
Though the seasons turn, and turn around.

In the midst of a heady,
Melancholy discontent,

Consider this: His perfect plan,
And strive to


The complement.

There’s a duty in destiny.
The part we play when we can’t see.
Character, integrity.
“Follow Me.”

hold me here…

November 2, 2011

But the end from the
sounds a little
too long.
Could you just tell me
when we’ll be winning?
-or sing me a lullaby’s song?

Cuz I “can’t” take
much more of this.
I may just
up and die
If this
inside of me,
by and by-
good bye.

Then all I have become,
may burst,
and blow away…
I’m telling you,
I need this, God… why
hold me here… I pray…

God, You know
What I need.
Y’know what
You’re do-ing.
God, help me
to humbly

That I’m not in charge here,
You deserve my trust,
I should sacrifice
everything I am
God, please
Transform me,
re-new my mind,
Your good
and pleasing
-perfect will, to find

A Beam of Twilight…

June 1, 2010

If I could bottle a beam of twilight,
just as it faded from gold to grey…
I’d pour it, shape it, into words…
and that…
is what I
would say.

I made the Man of Sorrows sorry
By all my foolish lies
I drove the nails, I raised the cross
I was the reason that He died

Utterly unfaithful then
I added anger to my sin
In a world already dark to me
I closed my eyes and would not see

So I may kick and I may scream
Say many things I do not mean
Hold blindly to what is not true
But I will not walk away from You

Just why I choose to disobey
I simply cannot tell
Why I blame You when I rebel
And weep for wounds I give myself

Then screaming at an empty sky
I search for You and wonder why
Though I cause You so much agony
You refuse to walk away from me

Don’t read me pointless poems, friend
Don’t diagnose, don’t condescend,
Though you may be right to disagree
I need someone who’ll weep with me

-Michael Card

Sigh… (Dear Jesus… Thanks… =)

I stabbed! the heart,
Of Dorian Gray…
And as I did,
I thought,
“No way…”

No way, could
Innocence so plain,
Such putrid, death
And disgust, contain…

And when the deed
Was done -was done!
I wondered if
I was the one…

And I asked myself:
Is Dorian Gray,
Michael Cress,
A. ?


I Never Get to Nap…

May 11, 2010

Sometimes I tell myself
I’m nothing…
Sometimes I pretend
That I’m everything,

And reality,
Like a hammock,
Somewhere in between.

But the two of me,
Forever feel
As if they must be
The trees that anchor
And I never get to nap.