Dies Selfishness Slowly…

December 10, 2013



Self -executed
By elusive love.

Hearts becoming heads-
Hands filling gloves.

“Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh.

For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” -Romans 8:12-14


Awakened at its Beauty…

November 24, 2013

Watching that single,
Solitary wave,
He drifts
Away in wonder
At what butterfly must
Have flapped her wings,
In some land oceans asunder

To have brought it here,
God’s Truth, quite clear,
With sleep so near,

To be awakened at its beauty
To be reminded by the roar
To hear the call of- what-
To remember:

Things these days are
Stringing together,
Stringing me up
Where’s the Water
With me
The half-full, empty cup

Broken hearts,
Bleed apathy
Out across
The dusty desert
A figure’s fallen- Me.

Who’s been doing the
Drinking around here?
The barren
Space inside
Feels alot like fear

Or something much more
Yes… something much more
All this open space-
From hate?
More possibly past




Con Stellations…

October 8, 2013

-Con Stellations-

I wonder:

Whether the stars that shine
Making very little sense
Aren’t in their right positions, lined,
Though lacking once-there friends.

The devil took some with him, yes?
-Convinced them to rebel?
And from their places in heaven, blessed,
They tragically fell?

But those who stayed-
The choice, they made!

To stay the course and shine-
Merit not our mockery, but praise,
For their obedience, sublime.

And what of The Grand Artist?
Who wastes neither speck nor span!
Allthemore praise, for the higher ways
Lay in His plans.

The Humbled Humbly Hope…

December 5, 2011

I watched an old man bending down
He rose with quite a burden on his back.
Yet, not his own, His God-given shoulders,
Were the strength his brothers lacked.

She stooped to sweep the crystal glass
Glittering -shattered- across her
“Spotless” kitchen floor.
A sorry, clumsy sister’s… accident.
Time and time-again… again…
Forgiven… once more.

Bowed before the Master,
Who is a Saviour-King.
A once-would-be disaster,
To every Noble thing,

Now strongest, when laid low before,
Him who raises up.
We’re called to walk by the power of
His Spirit, from one cup.

Kneeling, He sees eye-to-eye,
And felt this dusty earth,
Christ knows the taste of the silent groan,
“Redemption, come! New birth!”

At His command we’re called to, “Duck!”
And trusting Him, obey.
Now covered in a cloud of wisdom,
We hear evil snatch his prey.

Knees too weak to even kneel,
Eyes too red to look.
Staggering, collapsing,
As if the whole world shook,

Our faces to the ground,
Our hearts SO low,
We’d almost forgotten
What it is to know.

The embrace of Love

-Fulfilling hope.

But with a glimmer -a spark!
We remember:
The rope!

Woven of a great God’s love,
Aye, and of a great God’s strengths,
Yes, by a great God’s wisdom,
Spanning providential lengths.

In Failing…

October 25, 2011

Leaving him,
This lonely street,
Has been his company.
He’s standing there,
With an empty stare

-with all he might ever be

Staring right there back at him
-What’s he supposed to do?
The wind, it whispers
How does he know it’s not true?

Short hair the hue of twilight’s air,
Two shoulders shiver, wet.
His hat clenched in a motionless hand,
A fist, tight with regret.

Two feet, one on each paving stone,
-A couple in between,
His weary mind remembering,
Things he had once…

Clouds lined with threads of
Red and gold.
A seagull soaring, ocean-bound,
While ebbing surf back-rolled.

Hair, like a feathery waterfall,
Eyes, bright as a thousand stars,
Leaning on The Everlasting Love,
Rapt in eachother’s arms.

A baby’s face,
Short, tender cries;
Smooth, soft,
Sweet skin;
Tiny, brown eyes.

All this now fading
-Embers nigh-dead,
Through a smoke-filled memory.
What can be no longer
Fickly framed
In failing

Will you believe me
when I say
that your “worst enemey”‘s
just been blown away?

Why don’t you swallow
this harmless pill?
It won’t kill you,
but the next one will.

So, pay extra attention!
to all of our lies.
The face under the mask
is the real disguise.

(People need Jesus,
they need to repent.
Is our landlord the Devil?
How costly that rent!)