hold me here…

November 2, 2011

But the end from the
sounds a little
too long.
Could you just tell me
when we’ll be winning?
-or sing me a lullaby’s song?

Cuz I “can’t” take
much more of this.
I may just
up and die
If this
inside of me,
by and by-
good bye.

Then all I have become,
may burst,
and blow away…
I’m telling you,
I need this, God… why
hold me here… I pray…

God, You know
What I need.
Y’know what
You’re do-ing.
God, help me
to humbly

That I’m not in charge here,
You deserve my trust,
I should sacrifice
everything I am
God, please
Transform me,
re-new my mind,
Your good
and pleasing
-perfect will, to find


This prized, elusive!
A melancholly faith?
This doubt under a dull disguise,
Demarcating signs of wraith.

This tender, slender certainty,
This confidence, unplain.
This mere thread,
and yet, so capable
To hold, trust, not in vain,

Is all that’s had,
-And all that’s lost-
When traded for a piece,
Of heaven, fallen, floundering?
-A tear along The Crease.

Faith’s face to face the water’s edge,
Leaves hope, sometimes, to do.
Drowning’s not just nothing, you know?
But reflections tell