Love to Give…

November 25, 2016



People panning for gold

In a river of fools'

Looking over a hard hearts' shoulder

For the one who makes the rules

We never knew

It could be so hard

To choose our own rock bottom.

You know what they say about problems, yeah?

Well if "everybody's got 'em"


Then let's quit all this pretending

To have that happy ending


We've gotta start right here

Where we actually live,

Risk it

Being broken


A brush with that love-sharp shiv


That every cute old couple

Braved, to look back now-perceiving

It might feel at times like "doing time"

But love's reward is

Never leaving

If you don't

You'll be glad you did


Before you're done

All that glimmering gold, hid


Within those years...



To spend on Love's

Broader stores


To give!

One Response to “Love to Give…”

  1. isaac Says:

    This is beautiful. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Kinda wanna blog about it but not sure how just yet.

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