Love of the Letter… But What of The Word?

November 17, 2016

An evening with an angelAnd The Door kept knocking!

The chance of a life of lifetimes!

And the cherub glanced, rocking.
“Please, please just-

Just ignore.”

I ask distracted 

Like the dozen times before


Questions …more

I’ve got a few left actually,

Forty- mmmmhhh… 

“Eh? Home is calling?

Why, what a fuss!

Goodbye’s now falling-

Rift be tween us.
With naught but 

5 answered- 2 minutes each!

And still my miraculous audience -what-

Hadn’t brought God within reach
Of a mind

Now merely frustrated 

When I ought to have been


Rather elated.
“One last question 

Before you go-

A nagging thing

I’ve just got to know:
Who was it knocking

The door thus and so?”

“Oh, that was my Master

But you …kept saying no,”
The book replied

And tears there did flow.


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