Caught In The Drossfire…

September 28, 2016

Don’t you even want to say your sorries?

Can’t you even feel

What once you knew?

Those truths that sliced your mind with honed emotions

And drained the drops 

From guilt’s reservoir of blue.

I know it still

I know it;


This echoes Deeper than my will. 

I’ll say it so maybe one day I can mean it

I’ll do it because one day I may yet dream it

That it could’ve been done in reverse-

You know?

See, I’m stumbling into worse-

Oh ho!

-But out again?

There’s new work to be done tomorrow


-and so

and so…


What then?

Labor void of muscle

My atrophy feigns peace.

There’s a lie in all of this somewhere

Surrounding elbow grease.

But enough with all the beating

Around this burning bush

God, I mean it,




And I need Your help to



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