If they know they will return…

November 5, 2014

I’m sitting at my table this morning and thinking of the geese that will soon be flying.

This year marks the first.

The first year I can recall that my remembrance of their magical flight has preceeded its arrival.

I am now 26 years old… And I am looking forward to the next tooth in the gear, the next phase in this ancient routine this earth has got going.

It is no longer “Woah, yeah… Geese!” It is Now, “I wonder when those geese will come.”

9 years ago my father took me to lunch… And as we sat at the window facing counter in Chipotle, he told me…

“You’re 17… Not tied down… You’ve got options. What do you want to do?”

And I opted to tie myself down… To weave the job I had into a rope and let it keep me here… To do the same with church and school and family… 

Now, 9 years later and a little bit of muddy water under the bridge… Here I sit…

Waiting for the geese to come.

Some unseen impetus drives them…

To repeat… The journey…

To flee the impending winter…

I wonder if they know they will return.


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