Let’s Fight!

October 17, 2014

Sometimes I think…

People don’t really disagree, they’re just being selfish.

You feel me?

I mean, who really says that murder’s right?

A few, yeah, but most of us, just try to keep sin outta sight.

You know? like- “yeah, but if I don’t…”

We excuse ourselves, piling righteous trophies on well-lit shelves, living like immortal elves

Like, “we ain’t gonna die.”

That’s a lie!

And I’ll tell you why.

We’re all born dead, you got that? Can’t even step up to bat.

I’m saying it cuz it’s true, and there’s no amount of wishing it wasn’t, that can push the lie through.

Like we think we can sue God for making us this way.

Pshhh! Without God we’re just lumps of clay.

We ARE who God makes us… and He makes us responsible.

It’s a mystery, sure… but His standard is pure


and no amount of honest reflection,

or self-deception,

or proud inflection

Can move us out from under that doom. There is room

for ONE thing

And that is repentance.

The only pardon from our due sentence,

is from the Judge Himself.

He who has ears to hear! Am I making it clear?

Can you see what I’m saying: His love casts out the fear

That comes from realizing we’re not enough?

That we really are weak, and we need Somebody tough?

The Potter decides what becomes of His clay. There ain’t no talking back.

Even the violinist in that very first chair gets up and plays …the music that’s there,

We just gotta do, what He tells us to.

Simple as that, right? HA! Nah man… it’s not simple, it’s a fight!

So fight! You feel me? Let’s fight!


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