Remember All Those:

May 31, 2012

Remember all those:

Drinks from the hose,

Mud covered toes,

Imagined foes,

Look out below’s!

Holes in our clothes,

Over-the-fence throws,

Clocks with shadows,

Lava flows,

Weed-vine bows,


Twin Yellows,

Bottles we froze,

Dress-up shows,

My good fellow’s,

Home-made play-doughs

Woah, horsey, woah’s!

Friends and Legos,


Highs and lows,

Blizzard snows,

Daddy’s no’s,

Mom’s so’n’so’s,

Con’s vs. pro’s,

Drives through Joe’s

They did it, though’s

Homeschool woes,

Stops and goes,

Joys we chose-

Remember all those

JOYS we chose?


One Response to “Remember All Those:”

  1. Jesse Aughenbaugh Says:

    That was fun :)

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