A Sunset for Two?

March 3, 2012

‘And if all that we wanted
Was a sunset for two,
That’d be “fine…”
But if I’m going to keep yours
And if you’ll be…

Taking mine…

Well- then we both better be ok
With a more-than it…
Because I’m not about to just walk away
With my half-bit

-Without you…’
I don’t doubt you

Felt what was said
-At least in your head-

But feelings and words…
Never got along well,
And if minds are heart-fed,
Then who’s really to tell

If a mouth speaks for a soul
Or for an imposter?
And if we can’t answer that,
This may well cost her

More than she will ever hope
To have
To give
In a lonely home beneath the stars
She has
To live

Beyond, then,
Press on, then, and
Look not sadly back,
For heads may ache,
And hearts may writhe,
And backs may one day crack

If men can’t learn to
Let their past to lye.

All this, tight-packed
And hidden…

In a sigh.


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