Present. Still. Surrendered. Will…

November 15, 2011

To want to and to want, 

and to …give it all away?

Better than a banker’s vault

-better than today,


Engraved on hearts of flesh,

a life that can’t… 

help. but. say.

Though He slay me…

I will-

I will trust Him, 


“Trust Him, for what? 

We’ll be dead and gone,”

I said,

“-Dirt don’t sing no 

worship song.”

But seeds, they die,

and crops they grow.

Much fruit comes from

those. who. know…

That life’s not all ’bout living

and death’s not all about ends.

“In Him was life,”

I said,

“-In Him was Life…

And this Life was 


Light. of. men.”


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