A poem?

October 24, 2011


My head:
Is what my mind
Had to

To my soul,
through my hearts,
Puppets sing?
-Playing parts.

And *this* is all that’s left of wills, surrendered?
This is all
-The reason left intact?
We are the running sum of all that’s tendered,
A choice.
That we,
The mercy-breathing “children,”
Do not lack.

And as it spoke,
This voice I heard,
While, as it spoke,
Another -third-

The unheard silence,
And came, a shattering phrase,
“To give up, to -yes- ‘surrender’
While retaining choice, to praise,

The worthiness of
The Source of Worth,
Who directs our steps,
Who ordains our …hurt…

To be obeyed
To chosen, be,
By those of us -blind,
Whom He caused to see.”

Though it’s gone on an eon,
Or thus it seems to drone,
A memory, a former me,
Leaned, -whispered, “…all alone.”

I turned and dazedly searched the face
Of this-
This “wise”, long-trusted foe,
Raised bone-skin arms, felt feeble heart,
and begged God for strength-

“Say no.”

Aye. Alone -by standards dead to me,
Hopeless? Yes -wasting away.
But inwardly? Being renewed by Him,
Who’s mercies are new day…

by day



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