Moving, we see His face…

July 14, 2011

Look out your window!
In the west,
the sky’s on fire
With gifts from God.

Beauty shared’s
the-more beautiful.
With a face full of smyle,
and a knowing nod

We praise the Giver,
for all His gifts…

The easy joys -the hard
-all’s His!

Sun’s gone to bed,
down basement stairs.
Now, tired eyes,
and sleepy prayers,

Dip tiny toes in foamy tide
nigh an ocean-full of dreams.
A breeze, and blowing,
From o’er the waves, it seams,

lifts thankful heart, gently sailing.
Heavy legs, an anchor to this world
-thankful to a love, above, within,
Who wrought it all, and twirled

it spinning. He wants men dizzy?
Oth’wise, He’d not’ve put them on this earthen top.
…my head spins, -Where is He?
and I’ve begged Him just to stop,

And -still-

it keeps on spinning


in its place.

He’s just a blur,
we see His face.

Our movement,
As it were,
Is to trust Him,
In His grace.

While, by Him,
Duly mighted,
To run -joyful-
This race.


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