To build…

February 21, 2011


Have you ever played blocks?

Yes. Of course you have.

Have you ever played blocks,
a younger child?

You pick one up,
-one block among many,

and at the first sign of stacking…

-the first hint,
that something
is being built…

-when two
stand taller
than one
could on its own-

your little playmate,
with one,
swift, destructive stroke

your doing…

Where two
once stood
-needing eachother-
now ruin remains…

and with each
following attempt,
the deep, hidden well
of desire
for destruction,

is drawn from, again,
out of the depths of Adam’s heart…

and the top of your tower
never knows
those heights
which were its aim.

No higher view
than the occasional two,
does the project provide.

This, is the cost…
of building,

This irregularity
is the
to the tree
that is love,

catching raindrops,
fueling growth.

In imbalance,
a greater balance
is gained.


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