Certainty stands up to leave…

December 17, 2010


 The songs serenity
left behind,
Echo soft,
within this mind,

and as certainty,
stands up to leave.
I ask her -please-
to stay.

People -selfish,
tell themselves,
There is no need to pray.

they’re wrong,
-I’m wrong-
the song
that would be sung

with every mercy-second,
Is one of thanksgiving,
praise and supplication.

and here we interrupt!
with cheers
of unreserved

All the thoughts fall off the truck,
and tires screech to stop…
Why pick up old ones from the road,
Let’s head on
up there

And so
we do,
leave old,
buy new,

and disregard the treasures
that were our memory,
We now
on credit,
and suffer lack of sleep.

I, the selfish driver,
I, the stupid fool!
Penned each page,
a constitution,
and ignored it
as a rule.

The confidence,
come from a plan,
can be
for disregard.

I said, yes,
this will be easy,
Which made it
very hard.

To tell myself to stay,
When everything
To lie,

and forge a key
out of element: Me

It’s more than just a tresspass,
It’s more than just a sin
It’s more than I’ll admit as
Happening again!

So I stack the shovel, lantern.
Pack the old bed-roll.
I’ll take that truck
and drive past

Until I find

that, all I’d left scattered, one day,
On a road, in my rearview
Is all that I once held of truth,
The certainty, I once knew.









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