October 27, 2010

Do you see it?

Do you see how the insides of this weary world are ruins?

How the outside may sparkle, and advertise its pseudo-splendor,
While the inside screams, “Save me!” from the depths of its hollow, rusted soul.


How everything within you, wanted to run away from any window, any keyhole, any glimpse into that horror…

And, as the day ends, you cross home’s thresh-hold, drop all your burdens necessary for a day of hurried, harried travel, and sit…
in that place that seems to be built of life inside.

You know that feeling?

Where you let your arms down, and there’s no where else you’d rather put them, than wherever they’ve landed?

Where your feet are resting, content to be still, on homecarpet, and your head is leaning, -play-acting as if it were never aywhere other- on some soft, familiar thing?

Where your eyes are closed but not latched, there simply exists no reason to open them…

Where you breathe
to the beat of the foundations of the world.
It’s that seventh-day feeling, where the Maker of all things saw that it was
very good, and rested?

Where the mind isn’t tasked with solving some pressing issue of flesh, or filled with important thoughts on how to react to some un-good in this spun-dizzy world.

Rather, in freedom, it wanders down regal paths of wonder…
Eagerly, but patiently, seeking out those things which it was God’s glory to conceal.

Where, there are near-voices, and bustlings of family, but, about their business, they don’t interrupt, for the bustlings on the fringe, find their source in the same Spirit that sings such soothing songs into your soul, and indeed, harmonize with the stillness.

Where, before you know it, that reality of dream (Where you are, at once, both a thousand thousand miles away, and also mere feet, from where family lives faith louldy in turn) crosses into a wordless, thoughtless sleep the flavor of peace -a bath for the soul, drawn of God’s comforting Spirit,

And you wake, whether shortly or not, with a vigor, to solve those pressing issues of flesh, or to fill your mind with important thoughts -truth- on how the World-Maker would have you -in the midst of all the world’s un-good-


To His ever-good.

Sleep… is a gift.
God is the giver of all things


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