A Chariot… And For What?

October 7, 2010

I chased those clouds

Of loneliness,

And in a fit

Of selfishness

I built a chariot of words

In which I rode to woo,

With which I also rode to break,

The heart of

The very-same



Gave His son to death,

for me.

Breath is taken when I look back

and see…

As tears of spirit fall

From eyes of knowing grief,

I beg my God -my Father-

“Help my unbelief!”

Knowing that is only half,

Knowing that knowing isn’t all I need.

My will -oh feeble, slic-ed man!

My will, God, must be freed.

My chains have fallen,

But oh how often

I pick them up,

-and what? to see

How nice they look

All tripping me?

Be the bridge,

Move these legs,

Be my want,


Your hedge

Around my heart,

Against those lies.

Be my vision.

Through these eyes,

Oh- to ever-see

Through the mystery,

To walk with You in my heart!

So many a word,

That I know You’ve heard,

Now I’m asking, can we start?


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