There once was a time…

August 27, 2010

There once was a time… when epi pens breathed pigs for

breakfast… and all the little organs jumped for joy at the

sound of trumpet bells… rolling through the fire-lined

streets… “all is hunger!” they cheered, “All is noonday!”

and as the curtains fell on their necks like guillotines,

the smiles on their eager faces told the world a beginning

had just begun… the dawn of earth, to sun… behold the

manner in which the globe rises from underneath their


strain your lips to feel the breeze
of ocean tides on greasy seas…
and live as if the world were square,
live as if your heart weren’t there…
live as if the drums stopped beating…
live as if this all has meaning…

and die to know that there is none…
who lonely, ever, seeks the One,
who not only disguised, but in truth,
-In fact, made, Himself a man, who was no such…
to suffer much,
in our place…
to bear the torment
as the face,
of almighty God turned away.
were His ears still open?
did He hear Him say
“My God,
My God, why… !???”
why have you forsaken Me?
all this He did, obediently,
due to His-God’s love, for wicked me…

Now it is my turn, and baffled, do I,

Ask, “My God,
my God, why!?”


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