He doesn’t….

May 9, 2010

“Don’t believe every word Harry says… He doesn’t.”

A friend and I were talking the other night…

and he told me this bizarre story about a very prominent politician getting drunk at an arcade and breaking a whack-a-mole machine…

What’s more, my friend told me this in all seriousness, right in the middle of discussing some casual, but serious topic .

Our conversation was overheard by a mutual friend of us both…

who asked where on earth his friend had heard such a thing.

My friend replied that he’d heard it in such and such a newspaper.

(This certain newspaper is known as complete satire… it’s a joke paper… and anyone who reads it in its entirety and is at all familiar with current events… knows it’s completely facetious.)

He hadn’t read it all… just a little snippet about this politician’s brazen actions, and he was using it to reinforce his point in our conversation.

I was rather amused upon discovering the source of his information and his cluelessness as to the nature of his source.

It was just plain funny.

I know people who can have the same affect on others as this newspaper had on my friend. Some people are just hard to read… as to whether they’re actually telling you the truth… or spinning convincing sarcasm, without explanation.

In Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, an older character, Harry, the friend and self-appointed mentor to the young Dorian, spouts all these extreme, hedonic philosophies so convincingly and so thoroughly as if to imply he’d tested and tried them already… but much to the young Mr. Gray’s eventual dismay… his mentor wasn’t a living example of the result of these philosophies… but was rather the result of a life lived wishing he had lived out the worldview he so often encouraged his young friend to adopt.

Dorian, after practicing the sort of life that Harry touted while he himself was living otherwise, eventually suffers the true consequences of such a life… and regretfully becomes the true living example.

Another of Dorian’s friends, Basil, gives him that too-late, but eye-opening, advice:

“Don’t believe every word Harry says… He doesn’t.”

All this to say… for the sake of Truth…  know your sources… not only where your information comes from but also how it comes. =)


that’s all I have to say…

Keep loving God… get up and do something today… anything… that you KNOW God wants you to do. =)

Practice obedience… no matter how small, or big… practice… lean on the Spirit’s guidance and strength… learn to hear Him… learn to trust Him… learn to follow… learn to love. =)

These words are whispered in my ears daily… the conglomeration of the lessons God’s been teaching me… through His word… through my roommates… through my family… through our conversations, God and mine…

and now I pass them on to you…

Live worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

May His Grace and Peace be on your minds and hearts,

Keep Smyling!

-Michael <>< = )


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