Is that Weakness? I think so…

April 8, 2010

“… My strength is made perfect in weakness.” ?

 I speak these words,
Weeping, bawling…

I walked the line,
Felt like falling.

Is that weakness?
I think so.
Is God strong?

He sure makes me feel
Like it’s all on me.
I feel like I
Have to lean

I Can’t!
Yes. Me.

Beautiful people,
Shining bright,
Make me feel like
Darkest night…

I peer between my fingers,
As I look up from the floor.
Blinding, brightness, makes me ill.
The corner, or the door?

They’ve got something I,
Don’t want,
But would love to have.

blah… I can’t take
This disconnect!
Oh, I feel like
Such a wretch.

Kill half of me, God!
Kill all of me, Ahhh!

Conflicted man.
“A little leaven…”!
Longing for
Rest of heaven!

Where is the power
Of Your forgiveness?
Just let the battle cease!
Let me be at peace!

Sin tears Your world to shreds!
Makes this world just like a slave.
And me, while it’s at it.
Me, who You died to save!

Jesus asked to keep us
From the evil one…
But not to take us
From the world. (Oh, fun…)

Beats me why…

I’ve always said He’s crazy…
In more ways than one…
Why don’t you explain it, God?
After all, He’s You, Your Son.

“so… that the world may know that You have sent Me and have loved them as You have loved Me.” ?




2 Responses to “Is that Weakness? I think so…”

  1. wordwand Says:

    a thought-provoking poem; well done.

    • macamidedieu Says:

      Thank you, sir… =)

      I had a chance to read a bit of one of your poems… =)

      Interesting… “to fail is n’t to regress… just another stride…”

      Thanks for reading… May God bless you…

      -MAC < = )

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