Very Poor Friendishness… Very Awesome Jesus. =)

April 3, 2010

I feel like such a second-rate friend.

Never even woulda thoughta that. (I thought.)

“Good for him.” (My mind said.)

I’ll put it on my list of things to remember…

Wait… what else is on that list?


I don’t remember! =(

See… I’m a great -I mean horrible… friend. No- I’m a very poor friend.


I just went from the sarcarstic phrase “great” to the more accurate, but still slang term, “horrible” to the most correct phraseology, “very poor”.

“great” forces one to think upsidedown.

“Horrible” forces one to undervalue the actual meaning of the word.

and “very poor” forces one to consider the actual state in which one sits.

I am a “very poor” friend…

poor?  like money? no. -Well, yes, but no, that’s not what I’m talking about.

So, poor in what? friendship skills. I don’t have very many…

How are people poor?

Either by a fault of their own, or through unavoidable circumstances.

If I am a very poor friend, is it a fault of my own, or is my poverty the result of unavoidable circumstances?

Many people are poor because they are lazy.  Because they will not -or have not worked.

Perhaps this is the reason for my poverty.

I restate… I feel like a very poor friend…



Anyway, enough of the Eeyorishness…

*whispers* Jesus…. isn’t dead, guys.

*Yells* Jesus isn’t dead, guys! =D

Haaaaappy Easter, guyzzzzuh!

-MAC <>< = )


Car hoods are the perfect places to sit while looking at the stars! Thank You Jesus, for 1: Dying for me! 2: Not being dead. ;-D 3: Making Stars. 4: Giving me a warm car hood from which to watch them. =D


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