I think God’s pretty swell…

March 31, 2010

My cars….


1 every year.

for the past four years.

and I get a new one.

Every year.

I’ve fixed things here, and there on each one… but… each one breaks beyond practical repair, once a year.

Don’t ask me why… and it doesn’t take much to figure -with an imagination- that I don’t TRY to break my means of transportation annually. It just… happens.

God… doesn’t get a new me every year -Every time I break beyond practical repair.

He keeps me around. Keeps fixing me up.

He isn’t always like this.

One time… He basically chucked the WHOLE world out the window, when it wasn’t practical to try and “fix” it,  and started over almost from scratch.

I count myself lucky… -fortunate?  -blessed?  -The object of mercy?

nods… any of those’ll do. I feel them all.

God’s pretty swell, I say.

Live.thankfully today.

-MAC <>< = )


Car... #5.

Me # 1, and only. =D


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