Make Me…

March 11, 2010

Give me eyes to see unseen skies,
And shoulders that feel that sun,
Show me how to run the paths,
Of Your beautiful never-done.

Make my arms to feel the rain,
And hair to feel The Breeze,
Make my Spirit more alive,
Make me more Yours, Lord, please.

Make me content,
With knowing You,
Wherever my head may rest.
Make me more
The man You want
I’m asking to pass the test.

My teeth, like iron bars, they close,
Imprisoning my consent.
Unlock, from me, surrender,
Lord, make me – More Yours- content.

Your servant knows his weaknesses,
Not all, and yet, a few.
Make me to live, full-faithfully,
Make me to, more, love You.


3 Responses to “Make Me…”

  1. ooohhh! A consistent verse-scheme!

    And I like the topic. More poems about contentment. *deep breath.

    To God be all glory,
    Lisa of Longbourn

  2. Kara Ashley Says:

    Hi. I was just looking around wordpress and found your site. I like this poem very much. I relate very much to the meaning of this poem!I like the imagery of your poem especially the part about teeth being iron bars. I like the unexpectedness, for example, you say “give me eyes to see unseen skies”. This factor makes it interesting to read. Thanks.

  3. macamidedieu Says:

    Thanks, Lisa! =)

    and thanks, Kara Ashley… =)

    I’m intrigued… you said “Unexpected” ? What did you mean? It was the first line of the poem. =)

    Anyway, I do thank you for your comment…

    And I praise God for whatever good there may be in my poem… =)

    He’s the King of Good… and all my goodness without Him, is like a filthy rag.

    May we live our lives like thankYou’s and point them toward Heaven.

    Keep Smyling!

    < = )

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