Home is ground…. and life is… gravity.

March 11, 2010

Some of my favorite times ever, have been spent crammed into the back of some car, heading east through the Rocky Mountains
on I-70… After some mountainous adventure, or another.

I remember one time, the sun was setting behind us, while we drove… the light was nothing special, just that heavy, yellow-white light, from a late afternoon/evening sun…

I recall looking off to the right side of the road and seeing a field full of hay-colored grass crowding the banks of a semi-frozen stream, as it meandered its way toward the far-off Atlantic…

How similar we are…

My friend sat next to me…

Silent… unusual for her in times-past… (I have memories of her, years back, re-telling her entire day, detail for detail, at speeds that would rival Mexican gossips.)

A lesson learned in time… Silence has now become a friend.

Still fond of useful noise, and ever-fond of good-old enjoyment, she’s become a deeper person… a fuller person.

Closer to home…

Silence and I still fight, now and then.

But it does help to be friends with a friend.  Makes making-up easier.

I’ve been spending my days, lately, wishing I were far away from home, when really… I’m already so far…

And my attempts to leave this little city in search of unseen hills, valleys, storms, and sunsets; actually pull me further away from the wild, “prepared-beforehand” unknown in which I so desire to fully live… to drink to the dregs, with my soul, of God’s beautifully unimaginable grace.


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