Ahh, to be a cat, ‘eh?

February 26, 2010

So I lay here, typing…

laptop laying ontop of a lazy, sleeping cat.

He barely stirs.

Train is singing “Hey Soul Sister” softly through my earphones.

My arms are cold… they’re outside the covers.

I can’t believe this cat.  The computer’s ONTOP of him, and he just lays there, head all turned sideways, sleeeeeping away.

I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow.

When you wake up to a dream and life feels like you’re falling… and for a little bit, you’re not sure if you’re on a roller coaster, where the track will lead you back up another slope, or if you’re just free-falling, or if you’ve got some unknown parachute, or if you’re just making the whole thing up. 

that’s it at the moment.

Inside… not out… outside everything’s chill… no noteable bumps… just rambling on a’livin…

this happens, that happens… mostly to other people… very little happens to me.

I guess I’m partly to blame for that… More often than not, I don’t let things happen to me, if I can help it.

my eyes are tired… This is another Australia night…

I wish I had friends in Australia…

I wish I were in Australia…

Not that I don’t like it here (Which isn’t always the case.) but tonight, I’m just wishing for a new kind of chill…

I realized tonight, that when I don’t watch movies, hear radio shows, or hang out with people who have accents… It gets really hard to imitate them.  I tried tonight, and failed pretty badly.

Do you have those friends that you feel like you should talk to but, for some reason, it seems like they’ve placed you out of their league?  like, not necessarily above or below, just in an “other” category, that would make any conversation just strange?

There’s an advertisement for that new Alice in Wonderland movie on the side of my browser for my facebook page, so I’ve got a very strangely make-up-ed face of Johnny Depp staring at me from beneath a mad hatter’s hat.

Sometimes I get dizzy.  Thinking about things… I chase thoughts around in circles, trying to convince them to sit still… like a baby-sitter. lol

Have you ever gotten the urge to live in a place where there’s zero gravity?  Like just let that thing float there, let this thing tumble away through the air, don’t worry about pillows when you sleep… set the book out there a ways and just read the page, until you need to turn it.

I told my friend today that I’m “A weird kind of lonely.” and it’s true.

Well, I’ve lived enough nights to know that they all, eventually, turn into mornings… sometimes I watch the transitition… but tonight should not be one such night…

Peace, love, and barbecue sauce…

-MAC <>< = )


Keep Smyling…


My cat poked his head around my laptop and caught a glimpse of my mouse darting back and forth across the screen…. his head following in nigh-perfect unison, amuses me.  And now he flops back, limbs limp, mind content… ahh, to be a cat, ‘eh?

Goodnight, ya’ll!


One Response to “Ahh, to be a cat, ‘eh?”

  1. Can I hire a babysitter for my thoughts?

    – Lisa

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