When it’s 1:00, you can’t sleep, and and your 15 lb cat is sitting on your feet…

February 12, 2010

Ok, so now it’s a little after one.

I just read a blog about giving everything to Jesus.  Everything.  No matter the cost.

Read it here 

THINK about that!  PRAY about that!

Got 100 free advertising dollars from Google-ads…

My roommate suggested that I put up adds for the gospel! =)

Great idea, Zach…

I’m gonna look into it. =)

So, I was driving to my parents’ house a little bit ago and saw someone sitting on a bus bench.

A thought came into my head, to offer them a ride.

They were in an awkward spot. For me to just pull up and ask, I would have had to make two or three out-of-my-way-turns, basically.  And 1) I’m this scary guy (who would take a ride with me?) 2) I’m all alone (if someone did take me up on my offer, maybe they’d kill me, or steal from me.) 3) They were at a bus stop… they HAD A RIDE.) … fractions of me, from different provinces of my mind, argued that it would not be wise. 

I drove on to my parents’ house… talked to my mom about writing letters to my brother at boot camp, picked up what I needed there… and drove home.  Well, almost.

I got within two blocks of my house, and had to turn around… I had gone home a different way than I came, without a thought, and in so doing, I didn’t pass by that bus bench, but I felt like I had to go back, otherwise I’d regret it.

So, driving all the way back down that post-midnight road: “destination bus-bench”… I prayed… asking God if He really wanted me to do this…  and thanked Him for loving me, and for opening my eyes to more and more of His infinite mercy.  I was thankful… and wanted to be obedient, I wanna be on God’s team! =)

So, I get to that same intersection, going the same awkward direction as before… and I see the street light hitting the bench in such a way as to make it kinda look like a person was sitting there… when… there actually was no’ne.  When the light turned green, I went on through and made the three turns… to drive by the empty bench. 

The whole way home too, I was praying, thanking God for the past few weeks…

Reminisced with God, about a time when I talked to a guy named Michael, outside of a 7 Eleven… he had strange things to say about having seen and been in a gated place where angels go in and can’t come out.   His eyes seemed slow-moving, as if accustomed to focusing on things that I did not see.  

In the middle of this the best word is “conversation” with God… I was soo, aware… looking for any reason why God would have had me drive all the way back there to that bench… I was thinking… maybe there’s somebody somewhere else that I’ll come across that God wants me to do something for… nothing else came up… So I just prayed… about gas mileage…

My car’s gas gauge might be broken… but I’m not sure.

I’ve been driving around for about a week or so, and just yesterday I looked at my mileage… I’ve driven 166 miles… and my gas gauge says I’ve only used a quarter of a tank.  shrug. I guess when it gets to where I’ve gone about 200-250 miles… I’ll go fill ‘er up, and see how much gas I’ve actually used.  I asked God if He’s the one doing this… and in my head I imagined Him just sitting there, smiling, and blinking, not saying a word… as if to imply the thought provoking question… “What do you think?”

Anyway… tomorrow’s Friday… I’ve determined I will offer it as a gift to God.  God actually had me in that place before I even read Katie’s blog…

Need to think about pig-fest propositions too… have you ever been to a pigfest??? =)

Just got a jury summons for the beginning of next month… this is a first for me.

Had to ask my boss to re-write my last paycheck… I lost the first one he gave… THIS… is also a first for me.

I felt so bad, to bother him… but he was totally understanding.  Praise God. =) I was kinda hesitant.

I thank God for my job… =)

Even though this afternoon was probably one of the most boring on record.


I got a chance to text a ton of people that I never take the time to… =)

-Wow… God must have made cats specifically for keeping feet warm… and my cat fulfills that God given occupation like a passionate pro!  Way-to-go, Ehud… Good kitty.

my eyes are dry… my new roommate’s from Florida, and isn’t at all used to how dry it is in Colorado… he was boiling a pot of water on the stove as a humidifier, the other day… a trick his grandma told him.  =) “So your face don’t crack when you step outta the shower.” =)

I was about to say I love my life… and in a certain way that is very true… I love it it the sense that God gives me all these serious things to be about… but He throws so many little random, smyle-initiating things, in the middle, that I almost can’t help but say that I love this life that God has given me, for those things.  But as I typed that original thought, I started thinking that it’s more than me just loving this life. so I guess, it would be better said, that I love God for my life… =)  Where there is a gift there is a giver. =)

I’m am amazed by the diversity of God’s professorage… if that makes any sense… How He can be teaching one guy so much, and so deeply, on one subject, and at the very same time, be teaching another guy, something just as deep, and just as thoroughly, but on another subject entirely… and how He can even triple up… (Ok, so he can multiply it as many times as He feels like…) But I’ve been watching intently, three guys… and God blows me away, at how awesome a teacher He is.


This came to me today, in between texts, while I was bored at work:


(No spaces, purposefully.)

Does anyone have any thoughts?  I mean, I said it came to me, but I’ve no idea why, or what it means.

Oh, and… on Wednesday I was at a prayer/singing/bible-studying, meeting and a man was reading from Hebrews, I believe, about the sprinkling of a hefer’s ashes, and blood… and how that related to Jesus sacrifice.  He was reading this just before we remembered the Lord through “communion”.  And I got this picture in my head, this urge, rather, to take that little piece of unlevened bread and sprinkle it into crumbs over my head.

I have one question for anybody reading this… Why?  Why did that come into my head… I will say that my thought process went from an animals ashes being sprinkled somewhere as part of a sacrifice, and then Jesus body being broken for me… but why… why would I get the urge to fill my hair with crumbs in a room full of people who expected everyone to eat the little bits of bread we all held in our hands?  Was it from God?  Was it from my own crazy brain?  Was it from somewhere else?  I don’t know…

Anyway… I’ve rambled enough… thanks for taking the time to read this, if you did… =) and thank you for not wasting your time if you didn’t… =)

May we live life like a thankYou, and point it towards heaven!

Have an unimagineably blessed day, you guys!

-MAC <>< = )

 P.S.  John 4:23… =) Read it. =)

Keep Praying,  Smyling, Trusting, Obeying… =)


One Response to “When it’s 1:00, you can’t sleep, and and your 15 lb cat is sitting on your feet…”

  1. Michael, I have to laugh, at least smile, as I read you post. Often I am awaken in the middle of the night. It is like someone giving me a nudge. In the quiet of the night I pray. I have had some amazing experiences. One night during the Vietnam War I woke with tears streaming down my face. I could see and hear children screaming, crying out to be saved. I heard and smelled the explosions as they fell upon the village. I prayed for these children until I found peace then went back to sleep. A couple days latter I saw these same children pictured in a newspaper. A Marine Unit had gone into the village and saved the children from certain death.

    I was on a freeway in Southern California when off in the distance I saw a church. I felt strongly that I was to pray for the pastor. I thought this absurd. I knew nothing about the church. I continued driving for more than twenty minutes before I turned around and went back. It was a Tuesday afternoon and church normally would have been locked up. Someone had propped open the door. The secretary was gone. The pastors study door was opened. When I told the pastor that I felt strongly that I was to pray for him he broke down and cried. He told me that in 25 years no one had come to him asking to pray for him.

    I could go on and on. Let the Holy Spirit be your teacher and Scripture be your manual. He will lead you into places you can not imagine. You will experience joy and happiness you could never imagine. Let the Holy Spirit show you how to be Christ’s hands and feet as He reaches out to others in love.

    Ken & Maggie
    “Going before God on behalf of others”

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