Unfold This Mirror…

January 29, 2010

Do I care?  I do not…
For others not my own…
All are God’s
Let >Him< care for them…

Through whom? 

Through me.
I’ve known.

Not easy, not wanted, not cared for.
I’ll reflect, of God, >nearly< all.
In absence of obedience, once,
Known, in rejecting, I fall.

I cannot stretch out yesterday
In truth, only in lies. 
Tomorrow is true-stretchable,
To reflect Ever-after’s eyes. (skies?)

To unroll my fleshy mirror
-It’s been rolled up for so long-
Is a constant struggle to fight the folds,
To do not a right is wrong.

That corner’s reflection blinds me,
When unrolled for moments brief,
And so I leave it folded, covered,
And become, of sinners, cheif.

The rest of my living mirror recoils,
Without that corner held flat.
I cannot, will not, am not.
I’ll do “everything” but that.

“Everything” means nothing!
When some of all is gone.
“Not in actions -deeds- but heart,
Which side’f the fence’re you on?”

To say both is to do none at all.
In truth, a failure still,
I walk, this dirty unfolding mirror
Creased, cluttered by my will.

God, You must clean, unfold muddy mirrors,
Reflecting Your Holy Name.
Casting out all fears, for sinners to seek
And to save, You came.


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