African Lullaby…

January 2, 2010


The sun is setting.  It seems so far away…
Too far… she could never reach out and touch it…
So much sand between her feet and the horizon…
That horizon that gets to greet the sun as it drops.

The dry, evening air fills her lungs… one slow breath at a time…

Her eyes are beautifully tired,


Her arms hang down by her sides…
The world around her is slowly fading from blazing orange,
To golden, to amber… to twilight’s gray…

Her smile, as the stars beneath the surface of daylight,
Yet unseen, and yet… so felt -so known…
Her mouth wouldn’t tell it but her life would,
Her gratefulness -Her prayer.

The warm breeze, carrying night across the desert,
Gets caught in the leafless trees beside her.

Night has come and begs her by its familiar lullaby,
To sleep… once more underneath it.
As rain falls on the desert -not from clouds, but from her eyes,
Drops of her soul wet the African ground at her feet.

This is her goodbye.

This wet sand is now tred upon by two, tiny, black bare feet…
And a little cheek meets her weak knee.

With an emotional passion known only to children,
A little girl embraces her leg, as if she were embracing all the love that ever existed…
And lifts off the ground, brought to sit on the hip of someone overflowing with Love Himself.

Younger embraced by less-younger.  Both loved.  Both souls, now, dripping at their feet.

She embraces this little child, not only for her own sake,
Though Love knows she is loved by a special love,
But also for the sake of every child she’s ever loved…
With each goodbye, every time, her love for all of them grows deeper,
More beautiful… but harder to carry alone.

The struggle in this goodbye, the love in this embrace,
Is born of all the pain from past goodbyes. 

The wind that brought the night across the desert,
Now dries their souls to their faces,
And as this beautiful child is carried back to her bed
and layed
Beside other beautiful children,
Beneath this African lullaby,
Before she slips into a dream,
A prayer, whispered in her little ear:

“The Lord bless you and keep you,
And make is face to shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His face for you and give you peace…”

As she slips away in the dark,
A new tear falls from one cheek to the other,
And two souls dry on one face, though slowly, for ever.

For all,

For Love:



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