Christmas……….. Eve…

December 24, 2009

Christmas… Eve…


my sister has a movie playing, without any words… only the music…

the dishwasher’s running… sporadically blinking lights are lining the front window…

a pencil scratches a drawing pad next to me… my bigger little sister’s art in the making.

my legs hurt.

fabric is strewn over half the couch across the room, due to the incomplete project of my biggest sister, the same sister who has the silent-except-for-music, movie going… (aaaand she’s not even in the room.)

My brother just brought up newly wrapped presents… half an hour before the “due date”

My dad is working on a similar project, but has yet to complete his wrapping.

You ever seen the movie “Little Women” ?

I have… many times… was surprised how much of it I could still quote… and embarassed at the few lines I quoted incorrectly.

My memory is one of my most prized possessions.  A pitty I don’t, more often, use it for more productive things than fictional movie quoting.

My dad wanted to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” earlier… but he missed the beginning of it on TV, partly due to the fact that he was busy, with my little brother, installing a new faucet in the kitchen sink… so… we didn’t bother tuning in to watch only the depressing second half.

My littlest sister is leaning over looking at a laptop that happens to be resting on a rather short chair, her face, lit by the blue glow…

My mom just told me a story of what her little cat, Shimmer, just did in the basement… how he hopped thrice sideways, like a deer.

(Words bore alot of people… do I bore you with so many words?   my last several posts have been nothing but.)

A friend of mine the other day… lost her harddrive… with all her stories she’s written her whole life… she just lost it… no identification information, no address, no phone number to call if found… it’s just plain gone…. how tragic… It made me sad, and sick to think of it.  Wouldn’t that be horrible?

I say it would.

Not much else to say…

Trust… God.

-MAC <>< = )


My best friend just IMed me… from Afghanistan!!!! Oorah!

12 1/2 hour time difference… 1/2 hour?  He says it’s an Afghan thing…



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