December 6, 2009

It’s not really 12:35 is it?

It feels like the sun just went down…

Coldplay’s singing in the background on my computer… Monk’s voice and the music that accompanies funny things in his life, are floating through the air to the kitchen.

I just played around on my parents’ guitar for a while, while watching Thomas get promoted on his video game.

D-minor fits my mood quite well this evening.

I took a nap earlier… during a football game…

Watched the Series finale` of Monk with my sister, and read the first few chapters of Matthew.

“Church” happens in several hours… half of me says, “Ok, bring it on.” and half of me says… “Just take me away.”

Every Sunday is hard for me…


But… My friends are back from Africa… there’s a party AFTER “church”…

Have a splendiferous Sunday!

Keep Smyling!

-MAC <>< = )


One Response to “Really!?”

  1. D-minor sounded quite nice, through the door.

    I hear the “take me away” side almost won. Hm.

    To God be all glory,
    Lisa of Longbourn

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