The word was said, “Sequester” …and, “A Joyful Countenance.”

December 2, 2009

My Dad did something I never would have expected the other day… it had to do with him leaning over to look at something…

I remember thinking… “Oh… hmmm… wow, cool.” (Profound, ‘eh?)


I’ve been sitting here for a while now, and I can’t bring myself to remember what it was he was looking at.

-The Dr. just said, “Sequester” =) In case you wanted to know. =)

Several minutes ago I played “Errand boy” and ran across the parking lot to our other office for supplies…

It’s sooo cold today!  I twisted my red and white, knitted scarf and was holding it right up under my chin as I ran…

On my return I happened to notice an arm wrestling match going on in the air between two of the receipt-checkers at the exit door of the warehouse.


-I kid you not-

Two employees…

one, a bearded, smiling man;

the other, a curly white haired lady;

neither under the age of 60, had hands clasped and were playfully struggling for victory. 


…bizarre. =)

My day… was a great day…

Thank You, Jesus! =)

-MAC <>< = )


I met a man today who told me I had, “A joyful countenance.”  =)

I told him that I thank God for it because without Him I’d have no hope of ever being joyful. 

As we parted he said, “Some people do end up dealing with things, but yeah.”

And then… on the way out… I stopped to talk to a friend, who asked me how my life’s been going… I told him, “Better than I deserve.”  He laughed, went on to say that he’d never heard it put that way before, and asked me why it is I think I don’t deserve it. 

I briefly -and incompletely- explained that God has standards… and I fall short. 

He interrupted my thoughts, (I realized my mouth was no longer moving.) and asked me “You know that already, huh?”

As if no one could know until they’d died…

The bustle of shoppers urged me to exit, so I bid farewell to my arm-wrestling friend. =)

*shrug*… I’ve mixed emotions on how I handled things… but I thank God for the opportunities. =)

Now… off to my sister’s to wait for her to finish baby-sitting and hopefully watch a movie. =)

Dios le Bendiga! y Beunas Noches!

Me... bundled up to head to my until-recently, refrigerator-like car. =)



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