Squinty Eyes and Wheel Chairs…

December 2, 2009

Ok, I know this may sound silly, but…

A guy just came into my office and asked if we had any eye exams available…

We had an opening in a few minutes so I said yes…

The young man then explained that the exam would be for his father, who was being rolled into the office as we spoke, in a wheel chair.  He had the squintiest eyes… and spoke no English.

His son proceeded to ask him if he’d like to have his eyes examined today, or to come back another day.

For a receptionist like me, whose job it is to pre-test patients’ eyes with a little machine ontop of a little, adjustable table… with odd shaped, in-the-way legs, something about the thought of dealing with this squinty-eyed man in a wheelchair, made the ugly part of me wish he’d decide to go home and come back another day.

As soon as that half of me had said this inside my head, the other half of me realized what was happening and asked God for the strength to persevere with joy…

And guess what…

As soon as it was decided (In spite of my flesh’s hopes) that he would examine his eyes today, God had  the old man stand right up out of his chair, eyes open wide, face beaming, and we had no trouble at all with anything.

It made me want to dance… =)

That’s all. =)

 -MAC <>< =)


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