Thanks-giving is over… back to a greedy-every-other-day-of-the-year life, right?

November 27, 2009

Wrong… of course. =)

John Mayer is singing, “Belief is a beautiful armor, but makes for the heaviest sword. Like punching under water, you never can hit who you’re trying for.” 

(The beauty of my belief… is that I’m not the one doing swinging. Hallelujah! =)  It’s the Creator of water itself -the creator of me! =)

Anyway, I believe all of life should be lived like a thankYou, to said Creator. =)

My question all week has been, “Thanks giving… we give thanks…  To whom?”

I’ve had quite the array of answers, surprisingly enough.  “To ourselves.  To our family.  To the pilgrims. (or the Indians.)  To God.”

The last, I had guessed would be the more common answer… and perhaps it was due, at least in part, to the people I asked, but… It was actually in the minority. 

I got a million texts today saying, “Happy Thanksgiving!” or, “What’re you thankful for?”

And I started to wonder:  Why… don’t we act like this all the time? 

Why aren’t Christians -members of the body of Christ- more interested than once a year, in their friends, more curious as to what God is doing in them, for them, through them? 

I have decided that I will try to be. =)  I’m persuaded that God wants us to. =)

I took some pictures toooooo day.

My oldest sister made some decorations… some of which we couldn’t put up on the half-wall overlooking the stairs, due to a cat called “monster” lol… her actual name is “Shade” but the general consesus, is that “monster” fits her much better, even if it is an extra syllable. 

My younger, older, usually busy babysitting, sister actually played “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.” !  and accidentally beat my brother, (A veteran at the game.) multiple times. 

Another sister spent some time today, sketching…

All of we kids played “Nertz” this afternoon, (Much to my brothers dis-liking.)  while my parents hung out by themselves… (I think they took a nap! but I’m actually not sure.)

I… did the dishes, while we decided to play the game my brother strongly disdains.

My youngest sister watched an episode of “Monk” in the basement, all by her lonseome self a little later on. 

My Dad watched football this evening, and most of the family partook of the “pagan” pasttime, as well, while going about their various multi-tasks (internetting, left-over-eating, phone-calling, photographing.) 

We just got news that a new baby’s been born!  and our friends are adopting yet another.  The self-same new born baby boy. =)

I realized I have laundry to do before work tomorrow, and have to end my mini-vacation early tonight…

“Goodnight, goodnight!

Parting is such sweet sorrow

That I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”

I’m pretty sure my camera can take better pictures of the moon than that, but I can’t seem to convince the silly thing to do what I wish. 

Psalm 145:7, is the unusual text I received today.  Look it up, check it out… meditate upon it. =)

Sleep well, live thankfully! =)

-MAC <>< = )



2 Responses to “Thanks-giving is over… back to a greedy-every-other-day-of-the-year life, right?”

  1. It’s true (now, I live in Norway where we don’t have thanksgiving at all, but..) we should be thankful on all the other days too, and live our lives as an act of thanksgiving to God.

    Just popped by from Lisa’s blog, and thought I should let you know your post made me think.


    • macamidedieu Says:

      Thanks for letting me know, Miss Abigail. =) I’m blessed to hear God used it to make you think. =)

      Norway? Cool. I’m probably just as fascinated by thoughts of Norway as your little Kindergateners are of you sleeping in a bed in America. =)

      Thanks again for commenting. =)

      All of life is grace!

      Keep Smyling,

      -MAC < = )

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