November 26, 2009

“Maybe because that’s all we ever did…

Even our serious, was random.


Was comfortable.

———————————- Whispers in words…

The tune to which we sang,
We hummed,
We whistled:


^^^God painted this!!!^^^

(Random question: Which came first, the type of picnic called, “Barbecue” or the pirate called by the same name?)

Have a humble Thanksgiving, everyone! =)

-MAC <>< = )

P.S.  I have a headache… More tomorrow? Perhaps I shall.


2 Responses to “Randomei”

  1. Barbecue has been attested in European languages since the mid 1600’s, coming from Haiti. Etymonline considers it to be the root word of Buccaneer also, from a group of French hunters who were living in the Caribbean (where they adopted the cooking habits and terms of the natives) but were displaced by Spanish invaders, thus turning to Piracy.

    The Pirate Barbecue is a nickname for Long John Silver, of Treasure Island Fame.

    To God be all glory,

  2. macamidedieu Says:

    Thanks for the info… =)

    So, barbecues are actually barbaricaly prepared and enjoyed meals? =)

    Hey… do you want to play chess with me? I’ve been playing my computer… and it’s quite the anti-social activity.

    -MAC < = )

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