Which Side of the Fence Will Truth Lack?

November 23, 2009

How many things
Will we do,
That we said we
Never would?
To how many things
Will we say yes,
To which we
Never dreamt we could? 

What kind of persons
Will we be?
What kinds of…
What kind of
Or will they be

And when this world
Burns away,
And we, from the new,
Look back,
What sort of things
Will we say?
Which side of the fence,
Will truth lack?

And yet, is it not
More than this?
-Not more than,
“Oh, some day…”?
Now is not irrelevant,
This, I must mention,
If I may.

That “now” is all
We’ve ever had,
And, this, more
Than is deserved.
To be used
(How baffling!)
For good or bad.
All reasons:


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