Chess record? 1-13 with 1 draw! This is too hard!

November 23, 2009

So…. I’ve decided:

-The game of Chess is such a versatile metaphor for life!

-I should only sing songs if I mean them.

-The moon is too small.

-Life is too crazy to be anything but the real deal.

-My mom should have birthdays more often.

-Dad’s are a blessing, that people like myself often overlook, or at least under-value.

-Discipline is difficult… for everyone involved.

-I really like telling 4-year-old twins Bible stories over lunch.

-It’s nearly impossible for me to beat my computer at chess.

-I like Colossians.

E-sword = amazing. =)

-Roadtrips are so much fun!

-Cars really shouldn’t break… so brothers can enjoy roadtrips. =(

-Balance is beautiful.

-Come Thou Fount… is one of my favorite songs… EVER! =)

And that ends my list for the night.

Have a weird week everyone! 

Live life like a thankYou!

-MAC <>< = )


Everybody knows something… but nobody knows everything.


2 Responses to “Chess record? 1-13 with 1 draw! This is too hard!”

  1. alittlelove Says:

    you SHOULD only sing songs if you mean them..
    and come thou fount has always been a favourite of mine♥

    • macamidedieu Says:

      Isn’t it such a wonderful reminder of a song!? =)

      It’s one of those I can sing. =)

      “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love!”

      And fitting for the present holiday:
      “Come Thou fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing Thy grace!”

      *Sigh* (I’ve been doing much sighing lately… life has seemed quite heavy, but this sigh, is a sigh at the thought of grace, which is anything but burdensome. =)

      Thank you most graciously, for the comments… as you say, it’s always a pleasant surprise to know when somebody’s actually reading what you’ve written. =)


      -MAC < = )

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