WWII and the movie UP ?

November 16, 2009


I hung out at church with some friends for 2 hours after the “head-deacon” locked the doors.


-had a game of dodge-ball with tiny, green, foam craft balls.

-discussed why crude and profane words devalue things, and don’t honor God.

-tried to kidnap Brian to come get pizza with us.

-discussed modesty, and how people have different opinions as to what “modest” means.

-collected huge icicles from the roof-gutters outside.

-piled into my clunker of a car and rolled/slid all the way through the slushy snow to get Chinese food, instead of pizza.

(My friend Chance got out and licked the BMW in front of us at a stop-light, for “all the money I have in my front pocket.” =)P Which happened to total 21 cents.  Aaaaand, we forgot to get Brian anything, so we had to go back -the lady just smiled at us.

-got a lesson/demonstration on how the paper folding machine works.

-watched Brian cannibalize and rig a computer fan, to keep the networking router cool on top of the cabinet.

Then we all left.

Rather anti-climactic, no?


My roommate was telling me a few days ago about this thing on the History Channel about WWII… a bunch of remastered footage, most of it never before seen publicly, in a 10 part series on Cable TV… which… we don’t have at our house.

But… =)  My parents’ do.  So my brother invited us over there to watch… and I had a free red-box code, so we got “UP” and watched that after WWII.

DSCF5748(I asked him if he wanted to go get the movie with me, and he said… … … “uh… no….”)

It was quite the contrast in experience: serious, sobering stuff about war and death, followed by bright colors, happy music, and “touching” cliche`s.

And… that was my Sunday.

I stayed up and talked with my mom till like 1:30… stories about her days in radiology, and about her mom and dad… more talking about my junior high guys at church, and about Ephesians 2:8-9.

(She had been reading through some footnotes in her MacArthur study Bible, and had just begun to consider the fact that, “Some people say faith is also ‘not of ourselves, a gift from God’, and not just salvation.”  This is not something I haven’t heard/thought a great deal about, so I was surprised.)

So yeah, that was a continuation of a discussion my mom, dad, and I had that morning before I took off to go to church.


Aaaand, now it’s Monday… my little sisters are doing school here…


my mom is working on paperwork for tonight, and I’m trying to decide what games to lead for the kids this evening.  I think it’s gonna be… lots of running, and maybe some capture the flag dodge-ball. =)

Keep Smyling,

Live thankfully. =)

-MAC <>< =)


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