Friday… the long and short of its “This-week” face…

November 14, 2009


-I work a short shift Fridays-

got off and drove straight to my parents’ house to watch a documentary.

Some interesting stuff… some crazy stuff… mostly politics and conspiracy-esque…

Fall of the Republic, it was called.

Anyway… I got to change into one of my new favorite pairs of jeans… (because… sadly… *tear*… my old ones wore out…) IMG_7526

(Who ever came up with the word “ones” anyway?  Plural singularity… interesting concept.)

and my warm, small-ish hoodie.  As soon as I was free from work, and could wear a hat, I got to keep my ears warm with my brown hat… IMG_7539

I don’t mind winter… I love it in fact… as long as God keeps me warm. =)

And so He has. =)

-RANDOM FACT- (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice just popped into my head. He was saying, “Stop eating other people’s lunches!”)

So, watched that documentary… most of it, that is…

and then headed out to have dinner with some friends, with the Brother and a Sister along for the ride…


I got to drive. =)  I like driving in the snow…

alot… =)

Too bad the people in front of me don’t share my sentiment (“Just go the speed limit?  What’s so hard about that?” =) Ah well… I’ve been reminded of the beauty of prayerful patience many times today. =)

After a few re-directions via text message… we were finally informed as to the actual location to meet… (the plans changed mid trip!)

‘Twas a good time… talked to my brother quoi’a’bi’ -hadn’t seen him since last week, due to his horse-riding, porcupine-knifing, Ranch-handing-visit to his friend’s…

He’s been thinking about a Christian’s responsibility when witnessing violence… are we to stand up and take action? physically?  Only spiritually?  be violent back?  defend them, or let Jesus have vengeance? pray?  Non-violently protest?  Civilly disobey?  Conscientiously object from service in times of war?

At dinner I thought about how God has blessed us so much with more money for food than we need, and how I should intentionally share God’s blessings with others who don’t have even what they need.  To be used by God to BE His blessing to someone He loves!  What a privilege! =)  Reminds me of David Crowder’s “Let Us Be the Remedy”

Now I’m back at me parents’ house… blogging…

and taking pictures.  IMG_7538My sister‘s blogging too… (I think.) =)

She just counted up how many friends on facebook are single, married, parents, older or younger than her…

Why? *shrug*…

Not entirely sure. She said “The balance has shifted.” she’s not married yet… waiting. =)

We finished that documentary… now my Dad’s gone to bed… after fixing the family computer… again.

It’s supposed to snow for the next two days… =)  God is so wonderfully nice to me. =)

He knows I love snow. =)

Been thinking about Luke alot lately… I read the whole beautiful book, Wednesday while I was at work…

Jesus was so intentional with everything He did… =)

It was so neat to see how every time He did something or said something, I could tell He had the whole big picture in His head… He saw how it was all going to be, and what that person, right there, whom He loved sooo much, needed to hear Him say… or to see Him do. =)

Throughout Luke He stressed the importance of persistence…

-A widow bugging a judge until she gets justice…

-A neighbor bugging a friend until he gets food for his guest.

God’s children “bugging” Him by “asking, seeking, knocking” =)

Thought about faith some Thursday night, too.  What does “Putting something in God’s hands” mean?  Does that mean I don’t do anything at all about it?  How much am I to do? After praying and mentioning my ponderings to some friends, I came to the hotel-like conclusion that this is one of the many reasons we need, and one of the many reasons a loving God desires and provides, a relationship… not a list of inputs and expected outputs like some computer program.

“…you are the temple of the living God. As God has said:

“ I will dwell in them
And walk among them.
I will be their God,
And they shall be My people.”

“ Come out from among them
And be separate, says the Lord.
Do not touch what is unclean,
And I will receive you.”
“ I will be a Father to you,
And you shall be My sons and daughters,
Says the LORD Almighty.” -II Corinthians 6

I… read Luke Wednesday… and most of I and II Corinthians Thursday and today…

(I’m so blessed to have the job I do. =)

Isn’t that truth so beautiful!?

“I will dwell in them and walk among them; I will be their God…”

I’ve been reminded throughout the day today that I can and should tell God when I can’t/don’t want to, do something… or when I’m not doing something and I wish I were…

I wanted to be praying while talking to people at work… I wanted God to participate in the conversations… never one on one but three together.

But I couldn’t… I would wake up to reality after a phone call, or a discussion with someone, and be like… “Oh -Hi God…”

I wanted a desire for God and His truth and love to fill my insides with hunger… instead of the thought of those discount-price donuts that I have on top of my fridge… =)P

I wanted to be persistent in “bugging” my God -my Father… about what I want to learn, where I want to go, who I want to be, for Him…

So many thoughts are scampering through my head right now… I can just picture them up there… running all over, bouncing into cupboards, knocking things over… clawing their way up stuff.  (Just like my cats are undoubtedly doing to my house in my absence.)

Sometimes I think it would be fun to go crazy… =)

IMG_7527I asked God the other day… and He said no…  I guess that’s ok, because He must have something even more fun! up His sleeve… (Wait… does God have sleeves?)


Whatever… I’m maybe gonna sleep some tonight… I’ve got a spiffy idea for a sweet! picture, that I’m gonna have to try out soon. =)

May God’s glory be our hearts’ desire…

-MAC <>< =)


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