Holy Spirit

November 10, 2009

“Holy Spirit”
Is a pretty phrase.
Holy Spirit:
Just a phase?

“Holy Spirit”
Wholly in our head.
Holy in Spirit in
Non-heaven now dead?

What happened,
And who on earth ever said?

Who said the Spirit,
Is shifting,
Is socially led?

The Holy Spirit’s not shifted,
But holy men, He moved.
With prophecies and tongues
And miracles He proved.

Has there been a rule?
Some “law” has been passed?
Limiting the duration,
The Proof, it wouldn’t last?

Why do we not look
For the Spirit we see
In Acts and in the letters,
And throughout history?

Instead we build
A pretty picture.
The Holy Spirit
As an idea-fixture.

“Oh yes, we believe
And He comes inside.”
But by fixing Him squarely
In idea
He died.

He is our helper,
Not an idea indwelling.
He’s more than a conscience,
The secret God’s selling.

He Is God,
The powerful,
The wHOLlY

For miracles
And signs
And prophecies,
He’s blamable.

Not just a little whisper,
But the mighty roar of God!
The sound of which would now be shunned,
Isn’t that bit odd?

Don’t rationalize
Only the mind it locks

Sin’s signs we see,
Not His defining box.

(Written March, 2007.)


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