Normal Cats… and an irregular ode to… King Soopers

November 9, 2009


was Sunday.

Everybody was tired after the conference this weekend, including the friend I usually give a ride to church.

He was so tired, he didn’t answer my texts, and I couldn’t give him a ride. =(

People shared about the mission trip to the Dominican Republic this morning, *sigh*….

During Sunday school, we talked about Fellowship…

My brother’s gone out east again, to hang with his Ranch-hand buddy.

My big sister’s thinking about Hebrews, and Job.

I read Colossians…

The cat I gave my parents…

hides up in between the springs of couch cushions… (a dangerous place for cats.)

In fact, I’m visiting right now, and she’s doing this very thing.

There’s a squirt bottle, for discipline… normal cats hate being wet.

I just chased her out… it took a good five minutes and about 12 ounces of squirted water, before she finally left her warm cave.  (A place where she felt so comfortable, and yet, was so dangerous for her.  -She could get smushed!  One weary woman wanting a place to rest, and… meeeoooowwphhhh!!!)

I relate…

Sitting here now, I’m thinking, and praying…

I’m reminded of all the areas in my life, where God is chasing me out of a dangerous place… and I’m sitting, getting my fur all soaked, telling myself, “I like it here.  I like it here. I…”

But I’m a normal cat, and God knows that.  I don’t like being wet.

He’s so good.  “Whom the Lord loves, he chastens, and scourges every son, whom He receives.”

I’ve been blessed lately… really blessed.

I’m alive… which, alone, is an undeserved gift.

I’m also God’s son!  Thank You , Jesus. =)

(Only by His grace. =)

…and I’ve been blessed above and beyond all that, with a heart that desires, though imperfectly, to be chased out of dangerous places, and into God’s love and service.

I need to go to the grocery store.


King Soopers, you’re open late… All night, in fact.  What would I do without you?

-Wait, I know what I would do… I would have to go… *gasp!* during the day!

When the store is full, and I can’t do “normal” things… like spin-skip down the aisles with my Ipod blaring,


go down whichever aisle I want, to get to the milk at the back of the store…
or talk to Sergio, while he stocks the frozen goods…

or… get the good deals on clearance items, before they take it all away at 9 in the morning.

or let Kikko, check out all my stuff for me! even when I’m going through the “self-checkout” line. =)

(She must get bored, because she always runs up and starts scanning my stuff. =)

I’ll wave to the security guard, and carry my newly purchased goods across the parking lot to my car.

and that… will be that…

for now… this, will be this… and I will wish you all a wonderfully restful night, and a blessedly adventurous tomorrow.

“But you are a chosen generation,

a royal priesthood,

a holy nation,

His own special people,

that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;”

I Peter 2:9

Live… thankfully.

Trust… God.

-MAC <>< =)


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