In Memoriam, Jornale…

November 8, 2009

I was a’talking (<< I typo-ed that, and then added the apostrophe and kept it… cuz I thought it was cool.)

So yeah, I was a’talking with a friend the other day,

About writing a journal.

And how much of a precious gift that could one day be for her children, or her children’s children.

Ok, so, think of it! =)

Grandma, goes through her teenage years (for example) full of confusing emotions, hopes, various tragedies, lessons, thoughts, perspectives…

(Granted, differences exist in the experiences children will have from generation to generation, but some things stay the same.  It’s arguably an advantage even, in certain instances, to see the way some things “used to” be  =)

and so, Grandma, (Before she became, “Grandma”.)  writes it all down!
What she thought, what she wanted, what she did, what others did, what she learned, what God taught her, what God did! =)

To have the journal of a girl who had gone through it, came out on the other side, and lived the rest of life -a journal containing what she thought before, during, and after seemingly (to a teenage girl, at least) unbearable circumstances- would have been a very dear gift to many of the girls I’ve known.

And for me, one of the reason’s I’ve kept a “journal” of sorts, is not only so I don’t explode from all these words and thoughts and questions bottled up inside of me, but also so that one day I might have the priviledge of providing such a gift to my children, and/or my grand-children.

Not necessarily as some meticulously prepared, Solemnly-Traditional, “you had better appreciate this”, sort of thing, but as more of a sincere conglomeration of grandpa’s thoughts and experiences, for them to do with it what they will -For God to do with it what He will.

So, I think she may have started one (my friend, that is) but I’m not sure.  She’s a busy person.

(aaand, I’ve said “so” sooo many times in this post!)

Anyway, yeah… journal, I think God would approve.
(And if I were your grandkid, I would love you -even more than I already do- for it!)

Joshua 4:1-9

I Samuel 7:12

Exodus 13:1-9

Keep Smyling!

-MAC <>< =)


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