A half… (and) Booth party, anyone? =)

November 7, 2009

I just finished watching a movie with my sister tonight

-stayed up til 1:30 to do it. =)

‘Twas called, “Ushpizin”…. it means “guests” in Hebrew…

In this movie, a man says to his wife…

“What am I without you? Nothing, a half-person.”

=)  This made me smile…

(It was an intriguing movie.

I’ll have to post more on it soon.)

In the meantime…

This little thing is called a “Citron”  or an “Etrog.”  like a lemon, basically but with a super-thick rind, and not much juice… only grows in the Middle-East, or at least not in America.

Also, the dude in the movie paid a thousand bucks!!?! (Correction:  Not “bucks!!?!”  it was Shekels… 1,000 shekels…) for this fruit… to “WAVE!” during the Feast of Tabernacles.

This made me wrinkle my forehead… after which I then concluded that such a practice was extremely absurd!

/`\ /`\ /`\ /`\ /`\ /`\ /`\ /`\ /`\ /`\ /`\ /`\/`\

So, anyway… =)

I think we should have parties where everybody lives in booths


for a week!

Doesn’t that sound fun? Everybody makes one of their very own in…  their backyard, or… on their deck… ;-D …or something.

The Israelites did it to remember how it was for their fathers, who wandered in the desert… and to realize how blessed they were to be given the promised land, where their houses didn’t have to move… (That’s valid… and good to ponder.  A picture of earth’s temporality, and heaven’s fix-ed-ness.)

Me?  I’m all for thinking about such things, and I just think it’d be totally fun! =)


I’m going to bed…

Have an unusual weekend!

-MAC <>< =)

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