The Hello…

November 5, 2009

A blog…

Several people have suggested I start one of these things…

I actually have a few already…

if Myspace counts, well, that’s one…

My Myspace Blog(I actually haven’t seriously been on Myspace in, probably a year.)

I post notes on Facebook, too, so that’s two?  If you call it a blog. My Facebook.

I’ve also some random blogger blogs, that I’ve never done anything with, so adding all those together as one, my total comes to three.

Now with this,  I’m up to four.  Maybe this one’ll be a little bit more consistent.  I don’t know.  We’ll see, I guess. =)

I’m like a little kid, big eyes, head tilted back, with all these tall, well dressed blogger-grown-ups walking around, all important, all unique,

“So… this is blogging, huh?”



Hi guys.

-MAC <>< =)


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